Where is Square for the Kindle Fire?!

By Dan Hinckley

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I’m a huge fan of the way that Amazon understood the importance of packaging their content network into the Kindle Fire. It is a huge advantage over the other Android operating systems and when combined with solid hardware make the device something of real interest to consumers.

The one part that I think Amazon is missing is the success that Apple has seen with the iPad comes from it’s ability to interact with third party accessories and become much more diverse computer. A great example of this is Square. Square is a credit card processing service that includes a card reading accessory that makes it quick and easy for merchants to accept payments everywhere.

Square is simply and easy to use. The only problem for Kindle Fire owners is that it doesn’t work on the Kindle Fire. It works on the iPhone, on the iPad, even the iPad Mini. It also works on a few Android based smart phones including the Samsung Galaxy S III (Who comes up with these names anyway?). But one this seems to be clear, it doesn’t work with the Kindle Fire or Kindle Fire HD. Kindle Fire owners will need to rely on sites like highriskpay.com to process credit cards while on the go. These sites will let owners process cards through Amazon’s web browser.

Build Accessories

If Amazon really wants to take a significant portion of the tablet computer market share they need to do a bit more to make the device more than just that makes it easy to consume Amazon based content. In fact, Amazon should be pushing the third party accessory market as much as they can. In all likelihood, Kindle owners will buy Kindle Accessories primarily from one store, Amazon. It’s a win-win for them and will allow their product to be use more often, in more diverse ways, and thus get the Kindle Fire infront of more potential buyers.

A significant level of success for the iPad comes from the fact that people are using it everywhere. This naturally encourages consumers considering buying a tablet device that the iPad will be able to do everything they want it to do. Amazon needs to recognize this value in their brand and market share and put time and effort into building out the third party Kindle Fire accessory market.

And they should start with making their device compatible with Square.com

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