Unboxing the Kindle Fire

By Brian Patterson

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I unboxed a Kindle Fire over the weekend and wanted to share some of the pictures of the packaging.  It was a nice day, so I headed outside to the deck of my townhouse and snapped some pics.

Here is the box.  Notice the angled edge; this has a pull tab on the far end that allows you to VERY easily open the box and get to the Fire.  Nice Touch.

The Fire Ships in its final packaging, which means no double-boxes or extra packing materials.

I think it’s interesting to contrast the first-impressions of the Kindle Fire packaging against that of the iPad because they are the two best selling tablets.  Here is the iPad packaging:

The iPad

Lets start with some word association for each:

iPad Packaging:  Elegant, Clean Lines, Attractive, High-End

Kindle Fire Packaging:  Corrugated, Recycled, Weird Box Angle, Discounted

This all makes perfect sense to me.  The iPad is positioned as the Bentley of tablets, and its packaging reflects that perfectly.  Likewise, to me, the Kindle Fire is the Honda Civic of tablets, and its economically streamlined box is inline with this positioning.  It wouldn’t make sense for the Fire to have very high-end packaging, so I’d say they got this all just about right.

Profile view of the box

Once you pull the tab the box ie easily opened. The Kindle Fire is in front of you, and there is a tiny card that includes some basic instructions on getting started. The power cord is tucked in a compartment under the Fire.

Another view of the open box

Here is the card with some Kindle Fire basics

Here is the box with the liner removed. This reveals how efficiently the box is packed, with very little extra or wasted material. The round opening in the liner is where the power cable was tucked in.

This is the new Kindle Fire sans box, with its power cord next to it still in its packaging.

The packaging for the Kindle Fire actually grew on me the more I dug into it.  When I first saw it, I think it was kinda cheap looking.  As I started to disassemble things, I noticed how efficiently packed it was, as well as how thought out the pull-tab is.  I’ll give their packaging an overall B.  If they work on their first-impression a bit, maybe we’ll bump it up next time around.



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