Transferring Kindle eBooks in 10 Easy Steps

By Kat Kasel

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One of the major complaints about owning a Kindle/Nook/iPad etc. is that it becomes difficult to share books with friends. There are some options for “loaning” books to a pal temporarily, but what if you want to give someone a book you purchased for good? I know I often steal hardbacks from my mom when she’s done reading it because – why not?

So, when we both got Kindles, we realized we were much more limited with our sharing options. Until we figured out a workaround. It takes some effort from both parties, but you can fairly easily trade books back and forth with any number of people.

We now get together about once per month and do mass ebook exchanges. Sometimes, if I don’t feel like buying a bunch of books, I just take the ebooks she bought and already finished. Here’s how you can transfer books easily from one Kindle to another via the Amazon platform.

Transfer From Kindle PaperWhite (K) to Kindle v3.4 (M)


STEP 1: On Kindle M (the receiving Kindle) turn on the WIFI (Under Menu >  Settings. Enter WIFI name and password).

STEP 2: Go to Home > Settings > Registration. Deregister Kindle M.

Deregister Kindle

Now, you should have a blank slate. A deregistered Kindle M.

STEP 3: Register Kindle M with Kindle K credentials, if you already have an Amazon account (enter Amazon username/password, press submit). Kindle M should say Registered User: Kindle K

STEP 4: Go to on separate computer. Go to Account > Manage Your Kindle.

Manage Your Kindle

STEP 5: Go to List of Books on Kindle K. Roll mouse over “Actions”.

STEP 6: Choose “Deliver to my…” and select “Kindle M”.


STEP 7: Deliver.

Repeat delivery process with each book you want to transfer from Kindle K to Kindle M.

At this point, all books should be on Kindle M. Press the Home button on Kindle M to confirm transfer is complete. If successful, you will see images of the book covers on your Kindle home screen.

STEP 8: On Kindle M, go to Home > Menu > Settings.

STEP 9: Select Deregister.

Step 10: Re-register the original user of Kindle M to Kindle M. Enter email address and password for Kindle M user’s Amazon account.

Voila. The process should take about 10 minutes from start to finish. But, when you’re done, you’ll hopefully have a dozen new books – for FREE.

About Kat Kasel
Kat is a freelance writer and media associate for a digital marketing company in Washington, DC. She loves reading and writing but 'rithmatic? Not so much.

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