The Top 5 Movies About Bugs You Can Watch on Your Tablet Computer

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Source: Flickr CC

Source: Flickr CC

Hollywood has had an obsession with bugs over the years. They have inspired horror, playfulness, dark connections to the human condition, and even heroism. Are you a bug lover? There are five movies in particular that have uniquely and profoundly used creepy-crawlers as inspiration. Make sure you’ve seen them all!

The Fly

Georgel Langelaan’s short story, “The Fly,” has inspired two films. The first was a 1958 film starring David Hedison and featuring Vincent Price. The most recognizable version of “The Fly,” however, was the 1986 production starring Jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis. In this tale of science-fiction suspense, a notable scientist’s DNA becomes merged with that of a fly in an experiment gone wrong.


“Arachnophobia” is a cult-classic film featuring impressive performances from Jeff Daniels and John Goodman. When Venezuelan spiders invade a small American town, horror ensues as the town’s residents begin falling one by one. Incredible production values and a unique, humorous approach to this horror film set it apart from other films of the same genre.


Any list of top films involving creeping-critters would be incomplete without the mention of the films based on Stan Lee’s “Spider-Man” comic book. In “Spider-Man,” the arachnid in question is not a menace or a horror, but through its bite has given high school student and photographer Peter Parker amazing super-powers.

A Bug’s Life

Pixar Animation Studios’ 1998 animated “A Bug’s Life” explores the playfulness of the world of bugs. A lone ant’s determination to protect his colony from the threat of a gang of locusts leads him on a quest to find help. When he mistakenly returns with actors rather than warriors, the ant colony and the troupe of insect actors must use cunning and deception rather than brute force to save the ant colony from certain demise.


“Antz” is another animated ant adventure film, this time produced by DreamWorks Pictures. In this film, starring Woody Allen, an idealistic worker ant joins the army in an effort to see the Princess, who he has fallen in love with. Unknown to him, the army’s general has hatched a plan to send the soldiers who are loyal to the colony’s queen into battle to die so that he may take over the colony.

Bugs and other crawling things have been the subject and inspiration for many horrors, fantasies and social ideals. Hollywood has capitalized on these small creatures to produce many works of art.

But, are you easily grossed out by insects? Then, there are plenty of simple ways to keep them out of your life! Avoid these five movies and use insect repellant whenever you head outside (especially in the summertime). Try mosquito curtains to avoid bug bites during the warmer months. Easy peasy!

If you are fascinated by bugs, these five films will horrify, inspire and even leave a smile on your face.

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