Smart Technology in Your Home Appliances

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Technology is always improving and naturally one of the areas that has the most innovation is in the world of applications for your phone and tablet. As far as merging that with technology for the home, it’s fairly common now to see things like home security systems, baby monitors, and thermostats being controlled by our mobile devices. But what about larger household appliances? Within the last couple of years, there have been great strides made in smart appliances.

We may be closer the The Jetsons than you might think — there are now dishwashers that connect to wifi and can shop for themselves. There’s a dishwasher that syncs with Amazon to buy more detergent when it’s running low. It also integrates with a smart thermostat from Nest and will start its wash cycle when your home goes into ‘away mode.’ Almost half of Americans run their dishwasher multiple times a week, according to a new survey by EliteFixtures, so how nice is it to have it run automatically?


Another household appliance that’s making its foray into smart technology is the washing machine. Similar to the dishwasher, there are models that connect to wifi and connect to your Nest thermostat. So when you head out, it could start the wash for you. Again, pretty handy for the 45% of Americans who say they do the wash multiple times a week. What’s really convenient about some of the smart washers is that you can control it from an app on your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to start or stop the load with a touch of button. It also allows you to check on the progress of a load so you know about how much time is left.


In all, smart technology is making its way to home appliances. Being able to begin the washing machine remotely is a useful feature, as is having appliances start when you leave the house. So far, the prices might be a little high, but that’s cost of convenience. Would you shell out for one of these high-tech appliances the next time you were in the market for a new major appliance? Or is is not worth the high price tag?

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