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Cell phones streamline most of our activities. Hey, they’re even good for making phone calls once in awhile. Apps have taken center stage though, and there’s an app for everything. Connecting to your favorite stores has never been easier. That includes your favorite food chains.

Let your mobile device make ordering and eating out easy while tempting you with some freebies in the meantime.


What’s better than ordering your favorite food? Oh, having it delivered to your front door and being able to track the delivery on your phone. Not only can you have your food delivered and the order tracked, but the app saves your order history so you can easily repeat favorites. That’s not all.

Pre-order your food from two hours to days in advance.


Decided to take your chances and dine out, even though you’re on a budget? Forks is here to find you the best savings on the best food in your area. What’s really cool about this app is that it works with Yelp to bring you solid reviews, too. Picking where to eat (or order from) only gets easier with Forks.

You can find deals, discounts, and even earn rewards. Forks is, essentially, a one-stop shop for all things food and savings. Get your local meal deals here.

Your Favorite Chain’s App

Gone are the days of signing up for loyalty cards. When you’ve got an all-powerful device in your hand, there’s no need to keep those plastic cards around. Chain restaurants who have mobile apps tend to provide customers with some pretty solid perks, making the download worthwhile. For your stomach, and for your wallet.

Apps have made it easier to get those customer perks, keep up to date with coupons, find locations fast, and other hacks to get you your food faster. What a time to be alive.

Some of the restaurants on board will dish out freebies just for downloading the app, too. Dunkin’ Donuts offers you a free drink when you sign up. Texas Roadhouse gives you a surprise reward. The rest of the chains who offer apps to download on your phone sprinkle in perks for downloading; if free food and drinks, surprise rewards, and streamline ordering aren’t enough reasons to download an app, what is?

Find out if your favorite restaurant offers an app with this restaurant tech guide, and what that tiny little download can do for you. Don’t waste precious phone space with an app that doesn’t get you the perks you want. Instead, rack up some useful freebies by downloading your favorite restaurant chain apps.

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