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By Dan Hinckley

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Over the past year we’ve heard a lot about how the iPad was changing education. Textbooks were now readily available for students on their tablets. People wouldn’t have to carry around 50 pounds of books to each of their classes. Now, all of this will be available to them on their iPad.

Well guess what? It’s also readily available to them on their Kindle PaperWhite and Kindle Fire HD. Infact, Amazon is actively pushing their Kindle lineup to education groups around the world. One of the main features of the Amazon Tablet that is perfect for Education is Whispercast.

Learning with Kindle Whispercast


One of the main benefits of Whispercast is that schools can centrally manage a reading program that is quickly and readily available to all their students. When a teacher thinks of a new book readily available in ebook format, they can quickly distribute it to their entire class and have everyone reading together. This adjustment in classroom management is huge!

Think of what school would have been like if you took away all the time spent on distributing books for the class to read, that of course the teacher collected at the end of reading session because she didn’t want the copies lost in your desk or smashed at the bottom of your backpack. Whispercast makes finding, distributing, and reading together quick, easy, and distraction free.

Another benefit of Whispercast is that it provides teachers and parents the comfort of knowing that students are browsing for books in an environment as safe as their school library. There won’t be any stumbling upon adult sites or books that could happen while browsing the internet. Instead, a safe and secure library of ebooks are readily awaiting students on their Kindle through Whispercast.

Whispercast also allows teachers to quickly distribute documents they’ve created in word or PDF format. Suddenly, the evenings homework is pushed to the students before they leave for the day as their Kindle is able to receive and display the information neatly and without worry of it “being eaten by a dog”.


Tablets and digital devices are the future of our classrooms. Students will soon uses these devices to gain a better understanding of how our world works. Amazon’s Kindle Lineup clearly has a roll in this world and their technology, Whispercast, will play a major roll.

This was a guest post by CJ Woodsmith. CJ Works with LeanForward, a mobile learning company.

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