How to Go Tech Free: 3 Device Alternatives for Your Next Vacation

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For those of us who rely on a myriad of digital devices each day, the thought of going without can seem daunting. How are you supposed to check the weather, stay up to date on the news, and watch funny cat videos without your mobile device?

Despite this generation’s obsession with technology, there are times when it is necessary to just get away from it all and live in the moment. We recently sat down with the team at ADDISON Yacht Charters to hear their recommended replacements for your favorite tech while on vacation.

Replace your iPod with… a cup!

An ipod is perfect… until it runs out of battery. If you’re the type of person who listens to music on your iphone, you may find that it drains the battery much more quickly than other forms of entertainment. Ditch the mobile music device and make music of your own! Grab a solo cup and teach yourself the famous a cappella “cups” song.

Replace your Kindle with… a book!

Read a book! Kindles make it easy to download several books at once so you’re never without, but you lose the joy of turning pages and savoring the story. Skip the hardback copy and opt for a lightweight paperback that you can read and then leave behind. Let someone else enjoy it once you’ve finished and you can feel good about your decision to buy an actual book rather than the digital version.

Replace your tablet with… The Week!

Many of us are accustomed to reading the news on our ipad or tablet. It’s easy to download the daily edition of your favorite periodical and simply delete it when you’re done. The ADDISON travel experts suggest bringing an old fashioned hard copy of your favorite newspaper with you or, bring along The Week. This weekly magazine sums up the most important news stories from leading newspapers around the globe. It’s a great way to stay in the know without having to schlep multiple newspapers with you. Are you more of a gamer on your tablet? Bring along a deck of cards or dice for hours of fun for the whole family.

When you’re on vacation, you may find that your mobile device works fine and there is wifi everywhere you go, but sometimes it’s nice to tuck the tech away and just go old school. If you absolutely can’t live without tech, you may want to do your research before you take off on your next trip. While many of ADDISON’s boats come equipped with Internet, it’s not a sure thing. Try their vessel selection quiz to narrow down the type of travel you’re best suited for and ensure a successful vacation!

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