Having Surgery? You Should Download These 4 Apps

By Kat Kasel

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When you hear the news from your doctor that you are in need of surgery many thoughts can go racing through your mind. What does this surgery mean? How long will I be unable to go about my normal daily activities? Who should my surgeon be? What will happen afterward?

Any surgery (no matter how big or small) can be intimidating. Fortunately, technological advancements make surgery safer and simpler than ever before. These advancements are not just for the surgeon; patients can also experience the advances in technology and those advancements range all the way from hospital equipment to apps for your cellphone or tablet. Below, you’ll find recommendations of four apps that will help you before and after your surgery.

Healthgrades Insights

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Unfortunately, not many people do deep research on their surgeon or doctor. Most people actually listen to recommendations from friends or acquaintances over doing their own research. However, it’s important to make sure you know everything about your doctor before going under the knife. Download the Healthgrades Insights phone app to do some research around the doctor and allow you to take notes on your visits. Hopefully, you will not run into any issues with your surgeon if you do enough background research because if not, you will have to have to hire a medical malpractice lawyer.


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Once you’ve found the perfect doctor and gone through the surgery, it will be time to start the recovery process. It’s important to keep up with all of your medications and responsibilities during this time to avoid needing any further medical attention. This is where apps like SeamlessMD come into play. This app allows you to engage with your doctor and receive reminders about the recovery process. You can answer questions about how you’re feeling that will allow the doctor to see if you are heading in the right direction or if you should come in for a follow-up appointment.


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By using the PostOpQRS app, you’ll be able to determine how well the surgery went both from your side and from the side of the doctor. This app uses a measurement tool to discover your postoperative quality of recovery by asking you questions about how you are feeling after the surgery. Not only will you be making sure that you’re aware of any changes in emotional or physical experiences, you will also be providing useful information for the medical field going forward.

Track My Recovery

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This app is probably the most helpful for the patient. The Track My Recovery app allows your doctor to provide you with instructions through the app. This way, you do not have to try to remember every single thing that is thrown at you during your visit to the doctor. You can easily access your instructions at any time and receive alerts reminding you of what you need to be doing. You can receive instructions for both before your surgery and after, during your recovery period.

Each of these apps has their own methods for helping a patient to have the most smooth surgical experience possible. Downloading any or all of these apps will help keep you informed and organized when it comes time to plan and recover from your surgery. Thank goodness for technology and the ways that it makes our lives easier!

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