The Evolution of the Kindle

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Just like so many major American companies have evolved over time, the technology they produce has evolved too. In some cases, at a lightning fast speed. When Amazon first launched the Kindle in 2007, no one could have imagined how far it would have grown. Even within the last five years, Amazon has released 12 new Kindle products. We’re going to do a breakdown of a few of our favorites so you can see which Kindle option is best for you.

Kindle 4

The Kindle 4 was announced in September 2011. It weighs only six ounces, a feature Amazon was able to pride itself on for having one of the lightest e-readers to date when created.  Losing the keyboard the last Kindle model had, the Kindle 4 retains its six inch screen display and a storage capacity of 2GB.

Kindle Touch

When users were disappointed with the loss of the keyboard feature on the last Kindle update, in November 2011 they were quite happy to learn that Amazon decided to implement a more interactive style for the Kindle Touch. The first touchscreen Kindle with Wifi capacity of 3G data limited to 50MB a month.

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire was also launched in November 2011. It was the Kindle’s first attempt at moving beyond the e-reader to a device with true tablet-like qualities. The Fire has 8G of storage for books, television, and movies that can be uploaded to and from Amazon’s cloud storage. There have been 7 generation updates to the Kindle Fire. The most recent, rebranded as just Fire, was released in March 2016 and is the largest competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Kindle 5

The Kindle 5 was launched in September 2012. Amazon offered the fifth generation device in a new color, black bezel — giving users a better screen contrast when reading. It was also marketed for having a 15% higher loading rate.

Kindle Paperwhite

The Kindle Paperwhite was released in October 2012. The feature that mainly differentiates it from all previous Kindles is the four built in LED lights illuminating the screen. There were a few different types of Paperwhites being sold -a Wifi enabled model and a Wifi and 3G data model. The device also works to estimate when a reader has finished a page or chapter, and turns pages much faster than its older Kindle counterparts. There have been two more Paperwhite updates since it was first released. The most recent Paperwhite, launched in June 2015, was created to be thinner and lighter, has an increased pixel display, and gives users vibration cues when they are interacting with different pages.

Kindle 7 and Kindle Voyage

Both Kindles were announced in September of 2014. The Kindle 7 is the first touch only Kindle Amazon produced. It kept all of the basic Kindle features from previous generations. The Kindle Voyage is equipped with LED lights that adapt based on the environment it is in, creating an easier reading environment for all users.

Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis launched in April 2016 and is the newest Kindle to date. It is offered in four different models, ad and non add supported both in Wifi and 3G. It was created with a thicker tapered edge one one side modeled for easy one-hand holding accessibility. The Oasis became known as the lightest Kindle to date. It is equipped with enough battery power to last for two weeks without charging. And comes with a protective leather case that is offered in a variety of colors. It is also the first Kindle to come with Bluetooth accessibility.

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