Dating Apps for the Kindle Fire

By Dan Hinckley

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It always amazes me how there is literally an app for every topic, way of life, and interest for mobile devices.  A few months ago when the first Kindle Fire launched, this wasn’t exactly the case but it hasn’t taken long for thousands of apps to make their way to the Kindle Fire platform.

While browsing through the random apps available for the Kindle Fire I was amazed to see the long list of Dating Apps that are available.  Here are a few that stood out to me:

The POF Free App

The Plenty of Fish website wasted no time in creating a mobile app for their users. This app is free an the initial reviews of it seem to be mixed. At 3.5 stars there seem to be some users happy with the app while others feel it is lacking. If you have a profile on Plenty of Fish though, this app may be perfect for you.

Match.Com has created an app of their own that works with the Kindle Fire. It has just scored 3 out of 5 stars and doesn’t seem to be something most users are overly excited about. The reviews on this page are extremely entertaining:

Most of the women are looking for a man nearer their age. I always seem to be outside that requirement. Any women closer to my age are really not attractive at all


The top rated dating app available for the Kindle Fire is Zoosk. Zoosk allows individuals to chat and connect for dating interests. It’s less connected to a dating site and more about connecting people. It must be why the app has higher rating scores.

There are over 232 apps related to dating available to Kindle Fire users. While looking through them I was surprised not to see an app targeting dating for older individuals. There are plenty of mature dating sites out there but it doesn’t seem like any believe their target audience will be heavily invested in the Kindle Fire.

What interesting and unique Apps have you found for the Kindle Fire? Which do you like best?

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