Quick Tip – Turn Down (Or Up) Kindle Fire Volume

By Dan Hinckley

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The Kindle Fire’s design is unique and powerful but it is also different. Unlike the iPad or many other Android Tablet devices the Kindle Fire has just 1 button, the Power Button. Once the Kindle Fire is turned on you control the device completely through the touch screen interface and software settings. The Power Button is hidden at the bottom of the Kindle Fire so it doesn’t get in your way once you’ve powered on your tablet.

One of the main software settings you’ll find yourself adjusting often is the Volume level on the Kindle Fire. While other versions of the Kindle focus on providing just a great reading experience to Kindle Owners, the Fire also features games and videos that can make a significant amount of noise.

I know that when I first launched an app on the Kindle Fire I was a bit surprised at how loud the volume was. Having experience with an iPad I quickly felt around the Kindle Fire case for the buttons that controlled the volume until I realized there was no hardware on the Kindle Fire to control the volume. After looking around in the software interface I quickly found how to adjust the volume level.

How To Turn Down the Volume on the Kindle Fire

To change the volume level of your Kindle Fire follow the steps below:

  • Locate the gear at the top right of your screen.
  • Tap the gear to bring up setting options
  • The slider below the few setting options is the volume level. Tap the sliding ball and slide it to the left to turn down the volume. Slidin to the right will increase the volume level.
  • Change Kindle Fire Volume

Following the steps above will allow you to quickly change the volume level while you’re taking a break from reading books on your Kindle to partake in some interactive gaming apps with stunning sound or to catch the new additions to the Amazon Prime video library.

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