Augmented Reality For Realistic Design

By Dan Hinckley

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Augmented Reality has become a huge force in the way we see the world today. With the ability to superimpose a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world, augmented reality (AR) has provided users not only with entertainment, but with a new way to view our surroundings. And what better way to view our surroundings than by designing and seeing what our surroundings could be.

Through AR, users are able to see furniture present in the room, which can help you decide on the best styles for your living space. The Kindle Fire has multiple apps that use AR for entertainment, education, or for design. Apple’s latest version of their Operating System included a toolkit for developers to quickly creating stunning augmented reality. Their push into this instead of heavily focusing on VR is interesting. They clearly believe that their wide range of usage of devices is driving opportunities for them. Which leads to my next question, will Amazon follow this path with their wide push of Kindle Fire devices. I can only imagine the number of Kindle Fire’s that sold this past Amazon Prime day for just $29.99. I assume their hardware is capable of AR as well and you know that Amazon would love to sell you furniture and other products after you’ve had a chance to “see” them in your own living room.

So, instead of trying to draw a mental map of what your want your room to look like, why not draw a virtual one with AR? See your choices right in front of you to decide on the best furniture through a convenient, interactive, and fun way to see the world (or the room) around you.  Be sure to check out what others are saying about Joybird.

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