Are You Addicted to Your Mobile Device?

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Source: Flickr CC

Source: Flickr CC

In the past 10 years, a person’s attention span has been reduced from 12 minutes to five minutes.  While 12 minutes wasn’t very promising considering a work day is generally eight hours, five minutes is a dire situation. Why the drastic reduction in the average person’s ability to focus on one task? The answer lies in technology; Specifically, in ever-evolving smartphones and tablets. How does someone tell if they are just keeping up with times versus experiencing a serious problem?

Missing Out On Special Moments

One might be at a good friend’s birthday dinner, and the need to check their social media stats and texts is so intense that he or she feels anxious about not being able to. Finally, the temptation is just too much, so they justify a 30-second look at their phone. Before they know it, everyone at the table is hysterically laughing. He or she looks up and realizes they have missed the story or joke that everyone else thought was so funny. It’s more than just missing out on a good chuckle; it’s missing out on an important life moment. There was a chance to connect with friends, but it was lost to Twitter. If scenarios like this are happening on a regular basis, it could be classified as an addiction.

Smartphone Use While Driving

Most mobile users have done it, texting or checking social media while driving. It’s not only dangerous – it’s potentially fatal. Statistics from 2012 show that 3,328 people were killed in distracted driving incidents. While this may seem like it should be reason enough to put down electronics while operating a motor vehicle, many people still find it necessary to answer texts from the road. A person may feel that it is unnecessarily imperative to let their friend know they are going to be 10 minutes late while behind the wheel. If someone is putting their life and others’ lives at risk to use their mobile phone while driving, it could be a potential issue.

While one’s smartphone or tablet use may have reached an unmanageable level, taking up all of their time, it’s easy to disconnect. One can simply turn their phone off during special events or occasions. Putting the phone out of reach while driving is always a good idea. Finally, a person can go on a vacation to a place that gets no cell service. It brings one back to the foundation of human interaction and being in the moment. There is no need to wait; anyone can start to break free from mobile phone addiction today.

If you think you have a problem when it comes to your mobile device use, consider speaking with a doctor or addiction counselor. The therapists at Morningside Recovery are known for their dual-diagnosis expertise and can help addicts overcome their dependency – whether it be on chemical substances or technology.

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