Apps to help you avoid Drinking and Driving.

By Dan Hinckley

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Drinking and driving is a serious and potentially life-threatening experience that is best avoided. But how does one know when you’ve had too much to drink? If you have to ask your attorney, it’s probably too late. And if you do discover you’re too inebriated, how do you find a ride home? Well, believe it or not, there’s an app for that. Check out these unique finds that are sure to be your wingman (or woman) the next time you’re out drinking.

Gage – Breathalyzer

This app doesn’t let you blow into it to check your BAC. Don’t freak out. What it does do is give you an indication of what your BAC may be. You start by creating a profile with your age, gender, and weight. Then, when you are out, put in what you are drinking. The app keeps track of time for you, so as long as you can see the screen well enough to tell it what you have, it can give you an idea where your BAC is.


Last Call

Last Call works the same way as the aforementioned Breathalyzer app, with some extra features. If you find that you can’t drive, the app uses your current GPS to find the closest taxi company. You can also contact a DUI attorney if you find yourself needing that.


Pick Me Up I’m Drunk

This app is simple and straightforward, and as the name implies, it reaches out to someone to come get you. This app is great because it will send SMS messages or emails to your preferred contact with your location taken from your phone’s GPS. Best of all, it gives you a large red button to push if you can’t quite see straight.



BeMyDD is the service for those of us who don’t have sober friends. Though their website or using the app, you can make a reservation for a designated driver, or call for someone either to come and get you, or to drive you and your car home. There is a fee attached to this service, but when compared to the cost of a DUI, it’s well worth it.


Drunk Mode

The final app we take a look at today doesn’t have to do with drinking and driving, but it could be quite helpful when you’re out drinking. There are three features this app offers. First, it hides your phone contacts for up to twelve hours so you don’t end up drunk dialing someone and regretting it later. Second, if your friends also have the app, it allows you to track them through their phone’s GPS, so you’ll never lose them. Lastly, it has a breadcrumbs feature which gives you a map that shows you where you went that night. Very useful for finding lost wallets, or even cars, depending on how much fun you’re having.


This is a guest post by Michael Smith.  Michael works with the New York DUI Lawyers

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