5 Reasons Why the Kindle Paperwhite is the Perfect eReader

By Kat Kasel

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The new Kindle has been, in the past two weeks I’ve been using it, an ideal digital reading device. The Paperwhite is a huge step up on the previous Kindle models. Though some critics have complained that it lacks some of the bells and whistles of the Kindle Fire, I find it much more “book-like” and authentic. Read on for my list of why the Kindle Paperwhite is the best e-reader to date!

The true “book” look

The display is almost eerily similar to printed text. It is infinitely superior to the Kindle Fire when it comes to actual reading, but perhaps a disappointment for those hoping for a flashy ipad-style e-reader. The PaperWhite can hold up to 1,100 books on the device itself and ambitious readers can place additional texts in the cloud and switch books onto the device as needed with the wifi capabilities.

The price

This e-reader is not only the closest thing to a real book on the market today, it is also surprisingly affordable. If you get the ad-free version, it costs around $180, but if you’re willing to let an advertisement pop up on the etch-a-sketch screen when you put it in sleep-mode, you can purchase the Paperwhite for $120. That’s a bargain when you consider its capabilities.

The responsive touch screen

The touch screen is sensitive, but not overly so. It’s intuitive and accommodating to the reader. The display is gorgeous and the screen doesn’t collect fingerprints or smudgy oils when you tap to turn a page. You can easily access the menu by tapping the upper area of the tablet and adjust the font size, amount of backlight, and other display options.

The glow

The glow is the true genius of the Paperwhite. Some critics have complained of unevenness of the backlight, but that hasn’t been a problem for me in the least. The glow has a range that can accommodate the brightest sunny day, the darkest pitch-black room, and everything in between. It is considerably better lighting than a small book light and is soft enough that it won’t disturb a sleeping bed partner. I haven’t used the Nook – but many have claimed the Kindle’s glow to be superior to the Barnes and Nobel device. Additionally, the glow seems to have, at most, a minimal effect on battery life. Charge stays strong despite the lighting level.

The feel

The size of the Paperwhite makes it the easiest kindle to hold for those with small hands. The border prevents accidental page turns on the touch screen, while the size and weight of the device makes it easy to read at virtually any angle. Your arm will never tire of holding the Kindle and the material provides a pleasing, non-slip quality. The device is also surprisingly durable. It has been thrown in my bag and carried all over town without a single scratch. I feel no need to purchase a case or protective cover – which makes it even more cost efficient.

Honestly, as a reviewer, I know this write-up would generate more comments if I found fault with the device, but I can’t think of a single issue to discuss. Amazon really did it this time. With the production of the Paperwhite, they have created the perfect e-reader.

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