3 Fashion Apps You Should Download Today

By Dan Hinckley

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It should come as no surprise to any of our readers that fashion styles and trends change over time. Bright and flamboyant disco outfits that were popular in the 1970s are generally viewed as weird and eccentric today. Heck, just look at this chart of swimsuit trends for women over the last 100 years. You might not think swimsuits would change all that much, but popular styles appear to have gone from various forms of one-pieces to bikinis and now back to one-pieces.

Luckily, we live in an incredible technological time where we can now stay informed of these trends through tech. The growth of smart phones has also created a rise in fashion apps that serve a number of different purposes, whether that’s to help users shop, dress, or stay in-the-know. We decided to compile a selection of our top 3 apps in the fashion industry that you should absolutely download today.

1) Stylebook – Cost: $3.99

Stylebook is essentially a virtual closet. Instead of digging through hangers and unfolding mountains of clothes to try and find a perfect outfit, you can simply upload your wardrobe to the app and mix and match from there. Not only will Stylebook let you test out different combinations of outfits, it will also track which outfits you wear most frequently and will even rate you on your style for the day. Call it sassy, but you can’t deny the usefulness of this virtual closet.

2) Pose – Cost: Free

Even though it’s essentially a glorified version of Instagram, Pose offers some valuable fashion information for its users. Users post their various outfits to the app, at which point others can chime in on whether they like the outfit, what they would change, etc. This brings a much larger community of people together to inspire new fashion trends and ideas and does so in a very positive and supportive online setting.

3) PS Dept – Cost: Free

A particularly useful app for busy professionals, PS Dept is a revolutionary shopping app. It takes online shopping to a whole new level by allowing you to not only purchase clothes through the app, but also to ask real people at real stores to find the products for you. This ensures that you’ll receive the product you want in the style you want from the store you want it from. No longer do you have to sort through long online shopping lists trying to remember the exact name of the piece you’re looking for: PS Dept puts this in the hands of real people. And for the added cherry on the top: free shipping!

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