3 Apps to Help You Meet Your Health & Fitness Goals

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Your smartphone is almost always within arm’s reach. Your target weight? Maybe not so much… That’s where weight watching apps come in handy! Why not use the device that helps in so many other aspects of your life to also help you meet your dietary goals?

Using an app can help significantly when trying to keep track of your caloric intake and caloric expenditures and help you stay on top of your health, without paying the premium for a personal athletic trainer or dietician.

There are a lot of apps available that may help you manage your weight, so to narrow the choices down, here are three of our favorite options.


With an extensive library of food items to input, Under Armour’s fitness tracking app not only works well, but is also free. The app lets you input your caloric expenditures, or activity level as the app calls it, and your caloric inputs. You simply add food items to each meal of the day, and the app calculates your intake and estimates whether you’ll gain or lose weight at that rate.

Lose It!

Another free app, ‘Lose It!’ takes the user interface further than ‘MyFitnessPal’ by supplementing the food
database with the ability to scan your food’s barcode or even just snap a picture and check the suggested items. However, ‘Lose It!’ does require in-app purchases for its premium features. Although the premium prices seem a little steep, users are largely satisfied with what the premium access gets you.


Although the interface may be slightly cluttered at times, FatSecret is another great free app option for tracking your meals. Along with a database of food items to choose from, the app will also let you scan the barcodes of your food items in order to add them to your journal. The app also lets you see your monthly progress and offers ‘challenges,’ should you wish to engage in a some healthy competition.

Of course, there’s more to healthy living than just the food we eat. DC personal trainer and youth sports leader Joe Barlia (founder of Project Athlete) explains that a nutritious diet should complement an active lifestyle.

The main goal of all three of these apps is to help you stay more conscientious about what you put into your body. That may mean you’ll start choosing the 15 calorie McDonald’s side salad over the 340 calorie French fries, or maybe start skipping fast food altogether – the point is, with these tools, keeping your weight in check is no longer a guessing game. See for yourself and see if these three apps can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

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