3 Home Appliances Controlled by Your Mobile Device

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Since its birth, the mobile phone has been a powerful, lightweight tool to connect people from across the street to across the world. As mobile devices become more advanced, their applications and features have made life easier and more empowering. Nowadays, there’s more on your phone than ever before. From mobile banking to email to social media, your life is literally in your hands.

Smart Houses: High Tech Options for the Home introduced a number of examples showcasing the impact technology has over futuristic living and explains how close we are to creating “smart” houses.

It appears the next big step toward your “smart” house isn’t necessarily in the house, but in your pocket. Mobile phone applications have begun to infiltrate the home lighting, decor, and home appliance market making your house more “user-friendly.”


A majority of Americans enjoy waking up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee, but no one enjoys getting out of bed to make it. Scanomat allows you to brew a fresh cup of joe from your phone. These days, you can lay in bed, scroll through Instagram, and with the touch of a finger start that cup ‘o joe in the kitchen. Take a little extra snooze and wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.


Safety is usually a number one priority, especially when it comes to your home. Lockitron is the virtual key to your house that will keep you more safe. With Bluetooth technology and built-in notifications, you will always know when your door is locked and unlocked even during power and internet outages.

Dyson 360 Eye

Dyson, a leader in vacuums and fans, has recently created 360 Eye. 360 Eye is a special robot-vacuum that cleans your house automatically and can be controlled by your smartphone. With the 360 Eye app, you can time the vacuum when you want it to clean, how hard you want it to clean, and oversee its general performance.

It’s important to note that what these appliances make up for in technology they lack in style. They may even stick out in your home like a sore thumb as being too futuristic. Hopefully at some point down the road, these “smart” appliances will in fact have the same elegance and appeal as traditional home decor.

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