What Your e-Reader Font Choice Says About You

By Kat Kasel

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Kindle FontsThere are a number of different tablets and e-readers available on the market today, but some are more conducive to reading while others are better for games and movies. The Amazon Kindles are often described as the most “book-like” of all the different devices and the non-reflective screen makes it easy to see the page in front of you.

One of the great things about the Kindle PaperWhite is that you can pick from six different font styles to optimize your reading experience. While Caecilia is still the default option, There are some other great fonts to choose from as well.

Read on for what your choice of font says about you as a reader!


You are traditional. You hold tight to your beliefs and prefer not to discuss intimate details of your personal life with others. You like to read NY Times bestselling non-fiction, biographies, and historical fiction. Baskerville is for those who join book clubs and lit groups and enjoy discussing literature with others in highbrow social circles. Sometimes, you read something dense just so you can talk intelligently about the book du jour. You probably have a taste for the finer things in life.


You are classic. Reading is always for pleasure and you will devour any reading material you can get your hands on. Whether it’s fiction, non-fiction, magazines, or newspaper articles, you always have something downloaded on your kindle and ready to be read at any point during the day.

Caecilia Condensed

You are a bookworm in the truest sense of the word. You tend to be introverted and only speak when you have something worth saying. When you talk about the books you’ve read recently, the breadth of your knowledge is impressive. If you dislike a book, you will immediately stop reading and switch to something more enjoyable. You can read anywhere – bus, train, car, waiting room.


You are a speed reader. Futura is the font choice for those readers who are sometimes overeager when discussing favorite books. You might like sci-fi and fantasy novels more than the average bookworm and you have a knack for remembering obscure lines from your favorite novels – even if you last read a book a decade ago. Those who opt for Futura tend to be outspoken and opinionated about whatever book they’re currently reading.


You’re practical but whimsical. A bit of a daydreamer in your daily life but you have enough focus to finish a book in a day or two. Some might call you Type A, but when you’re wrapped up in a good book, you drift away to a land where you are mellow and carefree. Helvetica users tend to read in spurts – two or three books back to back – and then get wrapped up in life for a few weeks.


You might seem like a slow reader but really you’re just taking it all in… savoring the story. You’re the type of person who says: It’s not the destination but the journey. Palatino users like classic literature and think that skipping ahead to read the ending of a novel is perfectly acceptable. After all, even if you know how it ends, there is still an entire plot to get lost in and new characters to meet.

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