Top 3 Apps to Improve Your Mental Health

By Kat Kasel

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MeditationAppWhile many people may still think of smartphone apps as frivolous games or social media tools, that is no longer the case. There are apps for everything from charity fundraising to tracking nutrition to motivating exercise. It should be no surprise that there are even apps for improving mental health. Here are three that should be at the top of everyone’s list.

Take a Break! – The Guided Meditation App

This medically reviewed app has gotten incredibly positive feedback from authoritative sources like Healthline. Created by the hosts of the popular podcast Meditation Oasis, the program offers its users a choice of two meditation audios, played with or without music. It’s extremely friendly to new users, requiring no prior experience. There are supplemental readings and materials to enhance the meditation experience, or the user can just jump right in and start listening. The meditations are short enough that workers can even take advantage of them during work breaks.

Optimism – Monitoring Mood Levels

For people suffering from mood-related problems such as bipolar disorder or depression, tracking their moods is an excellent way to identify triggers, test out positive behaviors and learn more about what affects their moods. Optimism is an app that makes mood tracking very easy. Users can document and chart wellness plans, monitor mood response strategies and view overall patterns to help them decide when or if they need to seek professional help. It can also serve as a very helpful tool for clinicians, as they can get valuable information about their patients’ mental health by browsing these charts.

PersonalZen – Controlling Anxiety Through Gaming

Therapists designed this app specifically to help patients dealing with anxiety. As relaxing music plays in the background, app users control an animated character burrowing through grass. It’s a very simple game mechanic, but the idea is to help train the user’s brain to focus on the good instead of constantly dwelling on the bad. While the app is still being tested to determine the extent of its impact on mental health, studies thus far indicate that playing it for 30-40 minutes may help to decrease anxiety. The app is available for download now and is worth checking out for anyone suffering from anxiety.

Taking the time to improve mental health is tough to do in this fast-paced world of technology. Brain disorder specialists and psychiatrists like Dr. Amen of Amen Clinics recommend that everyone find a balance between technology and the real world to improve their mental wellbeing. Smartphone apps can help people find ways to work positive mental health practices into their everyday lives.

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