The Best Apps for a First-time Car Buyer

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For someone who may not know a lot about cars, buying a new one can be a bit of a challenge. Buyers want to make sure they’re getting the best value for their money, but many are also worried that they’ll end up getting ripped off by a salesman who senses their lack of experience. Fortunately, thanks to the Internet, even those who know nothing about cars whatsoever can get a great deal. Here are the very best mobile apps for a first-time car buyer.

Car Buying by Kelley Blue Book


In the past, this was an actual book, and then it became primarily an Internet resource. Now, all of this car value info is available for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices. Car Buying is an excellent first stop for pricing reports, car reviews and dealer price quotes. Buyers can easily look up the estimated value of the car they’re considering and discover if the price they’re being quoted measures up. It’s good to consult before buyers set foot in a dealership. They can browse vehicle prices and reviews and decide what they’re looking for before they even leave the house.

Auto Buying Tools by AAA


This is another app that delivers essential vehicle information to buyers. Anyone can use this app to search for a vehicle, build a virtual dream car and see what it would cost, browse safety ratings, and even compare two vehicles to determine which one is the better buy. AAA members can use the app to purchase cars from dealers for significant discounts. Anyone who is a member of AAA should definitely download this app before they head off to buy a new car.



This handy app is perfect for anyone buying a used vehicle who isn’t great with cars. It provides a checklist for users to look through as they inspect a previously owned vehicle. Did you find rust underneath the car? Check the box. Signs of oil leaks under the car? Check the box. At the end, it provides a rating of the car’s condition, so the user can see whether it’s worth the purchase or not.

These apps can give a first-time car buyer confidence that they’re making the right choice. The team at believes that every consumer should go into the car buying process armed with as much information as possible.

With all this helpful, accurate information at their fingertips, anyone can drive away happy with their new car, certain they’ll love it for years to come!

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