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People who are planning to move in the near future can breathe easy. Technology has advanced so much in the past few years that smartphones have a number of applications that can assist with the various moving elements. The following are three applications that can be quite useful in shortening and de-stressing the moving process.

Moving Van by Happtic Pty. Ltd.


Moving Van is an application that you can download from the iTunes App Store. The app costs $1.99, which is well worth the benefits it provides. Moving Van is an organizational application that assists with the packing and unpacking process. Users can label their items, assign them numbers and names, box the items, take pictures of the boxes and label the boxes – all on their smartphone. Moving Van’s system helps you locate packed items quickly so you can complete the unpacking process efficiently once you’re in your new home. Moving Van is an above-average application by consumer ratings. They have given the application an average of 4.3 out of 5 stars for functionality and convenience.



MoveMatch is an app consumers can find at the Google Play Store for Android devices. MoveMatch is free, and it has an overall user rating of 3.6 stars. The application focuses on the transportation aspect of moving. Users can request quotes and find reliable storage companies in their area of choice. They can compare quotes from different moving companies and storage companies to find the provider that fits their budget or plan. Additionally, they have access to moving tips and checklists.

My Move by World Media Group

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My Move is a free application that consumers can download in the iTunes App Store. The My Move app covers all aspects of the moving process instead of focusing on just one part of it. People who download this application can complete a number of tasks. They can use the app to locate moving companies and their consumer ratings. They can complete a moving checklist so they will not miss any important steps. Additionally, users can calculate item weights, estimate moving distance, request shipping information, request quotes, and even rate their moving company when the process is over. My Move is an excellent application for a first-time mover because it streamlines the process from start to finish. (User Tip: To avoid calls from the company, don’t include your contact information).

Moving does not have to be complicated or overly expensive. In fact, moving company, My Guys Moving, based in Ashburn, Virginia, makes a point to deliver services that are friendly, affordable, and dependable. The aforementioned smartphone apps are available to guide you and your family through the most pleasant move possible.

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