It’s Not Too Late – 5 Tech Toys of 2012

By Kat Kasel

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Christmas is over and the holiday season is winding down. Didn’t unwrap the gift you were hoping for this year? Don’t feel bad – it’s not too late to get the gifts you actually want! In fact, items that were full price just a few days ago often go on sale right after Christmas.

Tablets saw a big boost in popularity this year, but they’re not the only devices that can make a tech nerd smile. Read on for the five gifts worth buying – better late than never!

1. iPhone

iphones1This one is a bit of a no brainer. If you’re eligible for the upgrade and have a soft spot for Apple devices, the new iPhone is truly the pinnacle of smartphones. With critics calling it the “greatest smartphone ever made” and users hard pressed to find anything worth complaining about, the iphone 5 is a safe bet. Alternatively, the iPhone 4S is still a top-of-the-line smartphone. The year-old 4S is literally being auctioned off at bargain bin prices. While the iPhone 5 has some advantages over the older model, the benefits are minimal and may not be worth a premature $800 upgrade. It’s debatable.

2. TakTik

taktik2Maybe you’ve heard of the TikTok? Think of this as its tech cousin. The durable, state-of-the-art iphone case is made from materials tough enough to take the hit when your phone crashes to the ground. Designed by Kickstarter darling, Scott Wilson, the case is priced at $100 and can fully protect your iphone (any generation) without sacrificing touch screen responsiveness or general functionality. An awesome find for any iphone lover.

3. iPad Mini

ipadmini1The 7.9 inch iPad mini incorporates everything you love about the iPad, including the dazzling screen, fast and fluid performance, FaceTime and iSight cameras, thousands of incredible apps, 10-hour battery life and more! With WiFi connectivity faster than any previous generation of iPad, users will be amazed by the huge power that comes from this tiny device. Additionally, all apps created for the original iPad are available to Mini users as well – that’s more than 275,000 apps!

4. Samsung Nexus Tablet 10

Nexus10If you love your Android phone and really use all of the deep settings and features, then an Android tablet could be a good choice for you! While the Samsung Galaxy Note is a fun tablet for creative types, experts agree that Google’s best tablet is the Nexus 10 (made by Asus). An Android tablet is a good idea for heavy Google users (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Music, Google Apps, etc.) because they all are very nicely integrated into the OS. The Samsung’s Nexus 10 is sleek, lightweight, and powered by a dual-core A15 processor. And, improving on the Nexus 7 tablet design, the Google Nexus 10 is equipped with a 5-MP back-facing camera in addition to the front-facing 1.9-MP video chat camera.

5. Kindle PaperWhite

PaperWhiteThe essential e-reader for the true bookworm. For just $120, PaperWhite users have access to thousands of books that can be downloaded and stored within the feather-light kindle device. The PaperWhite features an internal “glow” that allows the user to read in bright sunlight or in a dark room. There is no glare (like the Kindle Fire) and the speedy connection means books can be downloaded on the fly! Kindle owners who are happy with their current model shouldn’t feel pressured to trade up for the newest device, but anyone who is looking to purchase their first e-reader or those who feel dissatisfied with an older version should definitely spring for the PaperWhite. It’s well worth the investment.

While there are many more tech options on the market today, these are the five ultimate gifts to choose from for a true tech nerd. Don’t feel bad about splurging on one (or several) of these devices for yourself too, if no one else was generous enough to give you what you really wanted this year. If you’re on the fence about the five listed above, stay tuned for new product announcements in 2013!

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