Going on a Brewery Tour? You Need This App

By Kat Kasel

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Untappd LogoMicro-breweries are popping up across the country. Frequent beer drinkers are starting to turn up their noses when it comes to flavorless, boring brews, and instead, they are seeking out interesting drinks with complex flavors and depth from smaller, independent brewers.

Enter Untappd.

This app is not only the best way to rank beverages and share reviews with friends, it lets you keep track of your own personal preferences and shows you where to find your favorites depending on your current location.

Brew tour guests would be wise to download Untappd on their smartphone or tablet before attending a beer-focused event to maximize the experience.

Recently, a friend and I participated in Reston Limo’s Loudoun East Brew Bus Tour – a day trip that included visits to three different breweries in the northern Virginia suburbs. As a beer fanatic, my fellow attendee was obsessive about checking in at each location on the app and ranking the beers.


Brewery #1

When we arrived at the first brewery, it was so new, the beers didn’t even have names yet. While the app gave us the option to “check in” at the brewery, we were unable to list which beers we had consumed. It actually added to the allure of the day trip because we felt like we were beer tasting pioneers.

Brewery #2

At the second location, we were able to check in, sample five different brews and rate them on the site. It was interesting to see how much we both favored the brown ales compared to the stronger, hoppier, IPA’s.

Brewery #3

Finally, the last stop on the brew tour was at a contract brewery in Ashburn, VA. It was pretty cool sampling beers at this particular facility, because they had beers that were only sold in other states. Under normal circumstances, we would never have been able to try a few of the beers at our local bars, but thanks to their unique business model we were able to taste them. When we used Untappd to indicate we had tasted two Back Forty beers, it showed that they were typically only available in Alabama.

Overall, Untappd is a key app for anyone scheduling a beer tour this spring. Reston Limo has a number of popular ones in the DC area. It’s also a good app to check in with during a night of barhopping to ensure that you’re drinking the best beverages at each stop along the way.

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