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Shortly after Apple released their iPhone and iPad product line, the market quickly started creating apps for everything. We can all remember the farting apps, drinking apps, and even apps that told you a joke daily. One of the biggest selling points of the iPhone and iPad was the huge app library that was available to users.

The Android, and especially the Kindle Fire, were at a disadvantage initially because their products did not have as many apps readily available to users. With Amazon choosing to have their own android app store and not selling all the apps that were readily available for the Android platform, the Kindle Fire was seen as a great tablet for interacting with Amazon content (MP3s and Amazon Prime video). But over the past year and the number of tablets that sold despite the lack of apps has really started to change things.

Now, we’re starting to see apps for everything. Pest Control Companies are even creating apps for the Kindle Fire that help users identify bed bugs. The Fart apps are also readily available for the Kindle Fire lineup.


Apple was able to maintain a significant piece of the tablet market in 2012, but I believe much of that was to do with the fact that they still had a huge advantage in apps available to users, a critical aspect for people looking to purchase the tablet that will “do everything they want it to do”. But, the last year has seen the size of the Amazon App store increase significantly. In fact, the app store has hit at least 31,000 apps and I’m sure that number will surge in 2013. For comparison, at launch, the Amazon app store only had 4,000 apps.

Because of the increase of available apps and the price difference between Amazon’s Kindle Fire and the iPad, I expect that the market share sizes will be significantly different at the end of 2013.

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