3 Transit Apps Every Washingtonian Needs

By Kat Kasel

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itransDCAnyone who has lived in the DC Metro area knows what a pain it can be to get around. Traffic jams are a regular occurrence and a three mile commute can take half an hour on a good day. As a result, more and more DC residents are choosing to forgo a car in favor of public transportation and other transit options. The metro system, though outdated is constantly being worked on and technology is making it easier than ever to get the most out of alternate forms of transportation.

Read on for three apps every car-less Washingtonian must have on their smartphone.


The buses in the DC region are pretty reliable. Sure, some of the routes can feel a little crazy at certain times of the day, but for the most part the buses run regularly and make getting around the city easy and stress-free. The NextBus mobile app is especially useful on rainy days when you don’t want to wait outside for long. It tells you which bus stops are closest to your current location and the arrival time for each vehicle. You can opt to wait inside if the bus isn’t arriving for another 10 minutes, and run outside to the stop when there’s just a short wait.

iTrans DC

The metro for the DC region (which includes MD and VA) can be a little confusing for anyone trying it out for the first time. Download the iTrans Metro app to see station layout, understand the direction of each line, and avoid making a mistake that costs you precious time. You can also see if there are any delays, track work, or station alerts, which can help you decide if taking a bus is a better decision on a given day.


There are a number of taxi-like services throughout the city but, having been around the longest, Uber’s app is the most reliable. Lyft and Hailo seem to have some kinks to work out still but Uber – especially UberX – is inexpensive and convenient for getting around the city. If you’re headed out for a nice evening or can’t be bothered with public transportation, taking an Uber is a great way to navigate through the DC region. Not everyone is lucky enough to live right above a metro station, so sometimes calling a car to your front door is the ideal solution.

The DC region is a fantastic place to live, but the traffic is notoriously bad. Save yourself the headache and download these apps today to make getting from point A to point B a breeze.

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