3 e-Reader Resolutions for 2013

By Kat Kasel

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We all make New Year’s resolutions we can’t keep. Think about those failed attempts to lose weight, go to the gym, spend more time with the kids, etc. This year, try making a reading resolution and you’ll be surprised by how manageable it feels. By no means limit yourself to these three ideas, but rather expand upon them and take advantage of the endless number of possible reading goals for the new year!

1. Read for pleasure.

Don’t let reading become a chore. Carve out an hour each day to read. Whether you haul your e-reader to the gym and read on the treadmill or curl up on the couch before bed each night. Make a goal to read at least three days a week. If it stops being fun, don’t do it. Don’t force the idea of reading for pleasure or it won’t be pleasurable anymore.

2. Read outside your comfort zone.

Love chick lit? Pick up some historical fiction, for a change. Big fan of autobiographies? Try a mystery thriller next. It’s easy to fall into a reading rut – returning to the same authors over and over and over again simply because they’ve got it down to a science. But diving into a new genre will expand your horizons and make you a more interesting person. You may learn something new, and you’ll make it easier to strike up conversations with a different crowd. It’s also a good idea to veer from the New York Times bestseller list every once in a while and take advantage of the less expensive, independently published e-books that are available through digital reading devices. Ever thought of reading from a top publishing company? Bentham Science publishers have new unique pieces every single day…You can read more, for less!

3. Join a book club.

Maybe you felt like you never had the time to get through books for book clubs in the past, but with a tablet, there are no more excuses. The Kindle PaperWhite is so light, I can barely even tell when it’s in my bag. Throw it in your purse or your back pocket (gentlemen), and resume reading while waiting for the bus, in the elevator, before a haircut, or on the toilet! Additionally, book clubs take the solitary aspect of reading and create a social network while providing a valuable learning experience. When we discuss the books we’ve read with others, it creates a more lasting impression of the story in our minds and helps the reader get more substance out of the book.

Ultimately, 2013 should be the year you finally embrace reading. Don’t let heavy, unwieldy books slow you down. Take advantage of your tablet and read anytime, anywhere.

About Kat Kasel
Kat is a freelance writer and media associate for a digital marketing company in Washington, DC. She loves reading and writing but 'rithmatic? Not so much.

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  1. Mike

    January 12, 2013 at 10:37 pm

    I have to find a good book club. My wife never lets me go to her bookclub…maybe it’s not really a book club she’s going to!

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